Why buy a generator?
Living in our energy-dependent society, electricity is an essential element in our daily life. In fact, it is such a part of our life that we easily take it for granted. Indeed, we use electricity in our homes to keep us safe and comfortable at night while we sleep, we use it to cook our meals, and to wash our clothes. We also use it to entertain ourselves, to communicate with others, and of course, to bathe us in artificial light long after the sun goes down.

Furthermore, when we leave the house to start the morning commute to work, streetlights guide us through dark streets, and traffic lights bring order to chaotic and dangerous intersections. We drove through the 24-hour convenience store and breakfast cafe, both lit up bright enough to remind us to grab the daily newspaper, or suggest a hot cup of coffee. Finally, upon entering our workplace, we may hear the buzzing sound of an engine.

So what happens when a society so dependent on electricity suddenly finds itself without electricity? Well, it's like a living organism when its circulatory system is suddenly cut off --- it stops functioning, stops. Our homes turned into lifeless shells and our surroundings sank into darkness. As the shop's brightness goes out, the cafe's coffee cools and an eerie silence replaces the sound of the machines.

Who is Vulnerable to Power Outages?
We are all prone to power outages but for various reasons some more than others, such as those who live in areas known for bad weather. We have all seen, either in person or perhaps on television, heavy snow or accumulated ice cutting off power lines, strong winds uprooting power lines, and flooding of substations. Often it is another hurricane-related catastrophe, such as a fallen tree or tree branch, damaging utility equipment. Whatever the reason, severe damage to this equipment leaves the environment without power for days or weeks.

In one hurricane season, the State of Florida was hit by 4 major hurricanes that caused millions of people to lose power as they pelted Florida with destructive winds and torrential rain. Millions more were hit by Hurricane Katrina which devastated the bay coast. Hundreds of thousands of people, although not directly in the storm's path, were forced to flee their homes, mainly due to a shortage of electricity.

Power outages cause problems ranging from inconvenience to disaster. A business may lose several weeks of productivity and experience damage to machinery or equipment. Homeowners experience spoilage of refrigerated or frozen food, loss of water (pump) and heat (furnace), and loss of cooking ability (stove), any of these disadvantages can force you to leave your home. Many elderly people living in northern climates fear hypothermia during the winter months so a properly installed standby generator can be a lifesaver.
Why Should I Worry?
Some people don't worry about this predicament because they haven't experienced a long-term power outage. They said, "Why should I waste money on a generator? I've never had a long-term power outage. I'll worry about it if and when the time comes." However, past experiences do not always guarantee the future. So, if you've been lucky enough so far, remember, it only takes one unkind act of nature or one major utility miscalculation to change the roll of the dice. And if you wait until a major power failure occurs before investing in an emergency generator, the chances of buying the best for your needs drop drastically, as there will be a supply shortage. In fact, past experience shows that you will have a hard time just trying to rent one.
Ultimately, it boils down to the fact that purchasing a quality emergency generator or standby generator is a valuable one-time investment that will protect you, your family and your home now and in the future regardless of past events. I hope I have conveyed to you that electric power is not only a convenience but an absolute necessity to lead a normal life. Never, ever underestimate how important electricity is to you and your family and the difficulties they will face if a hurricane or other disaster consumes your electricity for a few days.
Is Buying a Generator a Problem?
I realized that the high quality emergency generators offered here, are not cheap. Actually I know that the cost it may, unfortunately, lead to some customers buying a lower quality generator or perhaps a smaller generator than they need, thinking that it is the best they can do. Well, no!
To help you purchase an emergency generator of the quality and capability that you and your family deserve,
allows you to buy the generator of the exact size and quality that you really want and need. Or, maybe you don't need an emergency generator right away but want one before the start of next winter or before the start of the next hurricane season or other future event. Either way, buying an emergency generator is the perfect plan for you. So why wait?

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