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It is powered by a naturally-aspirated 5.2-litre V10 engine that revs beyond 10,000rpm and develops 840bhp with a wailing soundtrack that can be heard in its ear-splitting glory in the promotional video of it being trashed around the Jerez circuit in Spain while cloaked in a camouflage wrap.

And just when things looked on the up for 2016, the Eels were struck down by allegations of salary-cap rorting that eventually led to the stripping of 12 points and a complete restructure of their administration.

Meanwhile more than 90 per cent of ten to 16-year-olds play online games regularly. Campaign group ParentZone has claimed children feel under pressure to make ingame purchases and almost half believe games are only fun when spending money.

To prepare for Amazon's second Prime Day sale, activate your Prime membership before the sales event, download the app and keep an eye out for our Mail Best favourite deals and savings throughout the Prime Day event.

Popular YouTuber Dream has been a household name among gamers for years -- but they never knew what he looked like. Until Sunday, when he revealed his face in a long-awaited video that earned more than 1 million views in under 45 minutes.

"We submit that the appropriate action NICC should take is to allow TSEG to continue to operate the licence, under strict supervision and being held accountable to the milestones on the remediation plan."

The Star Entertainment Group (TSEG) says it has a plan for "a multi-year transformation of the governance, accountability and capabilities, culture and risk, and compliance management practices of the organisation".

He stalled and joked around, hiding under a blanket and a smiley-faced mask, eventually dropping the mask about a minute and 17 seconds in to reveal a dark-haired young man, who introduced himself as Clay, without giving a last name.

And owners might be able to get some pointers on how to set the fastest times by speaking to gamers of all ages, because the car originally debuted in virtual form in racing favoruite Gran Turismo Sport back in 2017.

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He may not have shown his face before, but he's certainly faced some controversy, including a cheating accusation in 2020 involving speedruns. It's a long and complex issue that has a whole website devoted to it, if you're in need of more details.

Dream makes YouTube videos and streams on Twitch and is best known for his Minecraft videos. His multiple YouTube channels have millions of subscribers, with 30.4 million subscribing to his main channel. He won YouTube's Streamy award for gaming in 2020 and 2021. 

The Pro Breeze Digital Air Fryer is not only more energy efficient and less costly to run than an oven, but it uses rapidly heated air to cook healthy low-fat versions of your favourite foods, using little to no oil, too.
It pledged to take "additional necessary and appropriate action" so the NICC "can be satisfied The Star Sydney has taken sufficient steps, and has bound itself to take further steps, so that it may continue to hold its licence".

With the Echo Show 8, you can catch up on the news and sports highlights, watch TV programmes and films on Prime Video and Netflix, listen to music from streaming services like Apple Music, and much more.
McLaren says the arrival of the Solus GT - formerly known as the 'Vision Gran Turismo' - is the 'stunning realisation of a concept car from the screens of virtual racing into an extreme expression of track driving engagement that will exhilarate in the real world'.

The company says it has taken "significant and urgent remedial steps, including increased risk, compliance, and security staff, approval of upgrades to surveillance technology as well as permanently exiting junkets and closing the Marquee nightclub".
With a saving of 41 per cent, this early Prime Day deal includes a full-featured 7" HD tablet, a kid-proof case in either red, blue or purple with parental controls, a two-year worry-free guarantee and one year of Amazon Kids+ including thousands of apps, games, books, videos and favourites such as CBeebies, Disney, Nick and more. 

Now with a saving of 35 per cent, the alarm system is easy to install and lets homeowners receive notifications on their smartphones via an app when someone enters a room, opens a window or sets off the siren. 

A statement from the commission said The Star had met its deadline to make submissions as to why the regulator should not take disciplinary action against it, and they would be considered before determining its response.

Some 25 of McLaren's most dedicated and well-heeled customers have splashed out £3million on its latest ultra-exclusive hypercar unveiled over the weekend - but kids have been driving it in their bedrooms for five years.
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